Community Guidelines

Last edit: 05 February 2016

In order to keep Indiebill sexy, nice to use and safe for everyone we kindly ask you to follow these common sense rules and behave respectfully.

Not respecting these rules may get your account terminated for an indefinite period of time.

1. Respect the Community

Indeed, we’re not asking for the kind of respect reserved for nuns. But we ask you to be open-minded, tolerant and respect other’s people liberty of choice and taste. Do not alienate or condemn others. Aside of particular fantasies, also remain somewhat polite!

2. Respect Privacy

Stalking, invading privacy or attempting to know personal information about other users, such as their real name or where they live is not okay. If they want you to know, they’ll let you know when you ask. If they don’t, then give up and do not become a scary creeper.

In the extent that you would get to know personal information about another user, keep it for yourself. We will not tolerate any threats, harassment, blackmail or revealing other people’s personal information.

3. Respect Sexual Comfort Zone

Everybody comes from different backgrounds, had different experiences and developed its own tastes. Please respect that and performers’ comfort zone and boundaries, do not try to convince someone to do something he or she is not willing to do in the first place.

4. Respect Performers’ Copyright

Piracy is a plague for adult ventures in general and independent adult performers in particular. When people do not get paid for contents they create, they lack the money and cannot keep going making contents we love. It’s as simple as that, and that’s why we ask you not to make available on the internet the contents you’ve purchased. IndieBill will take action against its users who are damaging performers' business by redistributing their contents.

You may support performers by promoting their profile and contents on your own websites, blogs and sites that you control though. When promoting a performer, make sure to link back.

5. Contents: Don’t Cross the Line

Every and each content on IndieBill has to respect human dignity and you shall never offer or request contents which are degrading. Human dignity makes a somewhat vague definition, so we have listed below a few key rules that we can rally upon. We will keep this list updated, hit us up if you are in doubt regarding a content.

Please take these rules seriously, take them to heart and try to respect the spirit in which they were created.


Urination contents:

Urination contents are okay for as long as it respects human dignity, meaning no one is getting urinated on and no one is getting to drink it - both actual and simulated -. So Golden Shower type of contents is crossing the line, but not peeing in nature!

Public contents:

If you shoot outdoor contents please make sure you are doing it according to your local laws (most likely on a private property and without exposing unwanting viewers of any age). We do no accept contents which are shot in public spaces or disrecpectfully of local laws and we do not accept the appearance of any person for whom identity has not been verified.

Domination contents:

It’s not okay to post violent or gory content that’s primarily intended to be shocking, sensational, or disrespectful. Sex is sometimes about domination, but there’s a fine line which should not be crossed: never post, sell or purchase nor encourage others to post, sell or purchase contents with extreme violence, non-consensual sex, mutilations or leading to physical injuries.


Extreme age play:

We have a zero-tolerance policy in regard to child pornography and do not tolerate providers nor consumers of such materials. Any portrayal of any person that suggests or implies that the person is under the age of eighteen (18) years old is strictly prohibited, as well as as any presentation or representation of minors.

Furthermore, you have to report any image which you reasonably believe may depict minors by contact our support.

Unlawful contents:

The following contents, both actual and simulated, are strictly prohibited: bestiality, extreme violence, incest, non-consensual sex, scat, snuff, rape, mutilation, necrophilia, pedophilia, animal abuse, mutilations.

The above list may be incomplete though, and as a general rule every content which damages human dignity are unlawful and strictly prohibited. Do not post nor encourage others to post such contents.

Drugs & intoxication:

There cannot be any drugs show on IndieBill in any clips, videos or images and a performer cannot be or appear to be intoxicated by alcohol or any other substance which may cause someone to be considered as under the influence.

Hateful contents:

We do not support contents that libels, slanders, or disparages any person or group of people based on race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sex, disability or other objectionable factors.