My yoga today left me warm all over, wet between my legs... Its no surprise to me anymore; always when I practice my splits, or open my hips, my back arches and my pussy presses against the floor, smoothly pressing against my clit... I felt how turned on I was at the end of my yoga, switching my long legs around one another as im lying on my backside, my fingers fidgeting with the strings of my waistband. Im on my yoga mat in my favorite corner of the resident fitness center, and the mirror keeps me from ignoring how flushed my body is... I let one of my hands slide from my lips down my chest and stiffening nipples through my sports bra. I'm already past ignoring my true self... my urges... depraved arousal despite my surroundings. I rise up to check, sitting on my behind with my chest toward the camera as I scanned and called out for onlookers. I now rise up to my knees, facing away and arching my torso towards the back of the room with my big behind to the camera to check through the clear windows and hallway to the pool. I'm alone and my lust can continue.

I return to the floor to spread my legs wide apart, propped up on my arm, and digging my hands info my workout shorts to finger myself with clothes on. You can see the print of my hand taut against the black spandex, wriggling slow and sensually, setting off small pleasure sighs. I was wet enough to taste already, and I help myself to long slow fingerfuls of my own pre cum. I start to rub my pussy from outside my tights now, angled to the side, showing off my plump camel toe.

I work my body around to slowly undressing my bottoms until my pussy is exposed like a slut after showing off my plump, bare ass. I reach into the opening to stroke my clit with my fingers, tease my lips, and expose my inner pinkness more and more. Before long I stick my two middle fingers in my cunt like a rocker sign, gently curling them in and out before switching to clit play and back again. I'm moaning excitedly despite moments of worry if I'm being seen, finishing myself off no matter what. I orgasm just in time to be well, discovered....

Size: 751Mb
Format: video/mp4
Duration: 12:19 minutes

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