Goddess Worship Bedtime Ritual

Goddess Worship Bedtime Ritual
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*13 minute MP4 Clip*

What better way to worship a Goddess than right before going to sleep? In this ritual, I guide you into relaxation and reinforce your submission to me. I’m the mind fucking Femdom Goddess of your dreams, and tonight you’ll be dreaming of me. Eventually I’ll completely take over your dreams, mentally dominating you while you sleep.

Worship every curve of my body as I tease you before bed. Let the image of my beauty and the sound of my voice burn into your subconscious, so while you’re sleeping you’ll feel my power. Allow my commands to take control over you mind, making you a slave on your knees serving me.

After watching this, I’ll be the first person you think of when you wake up, making you eager to please and send me offerings. I want you to do this ritual every night, so you’ll be ready to keep on serving. The more you continue to do this ritual of religiously worshipping me before bed, the more you’ll want to serve and devote your life to Goddess.

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