Yuzu and the Vanilla Double-Nut Sundae

Yuzu and the Vanilla Double-Nut Sundae
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RELEASED: December 5, 2018
- 60:18, 4K Ultra HD
- English subtitles
- Bareback
- 2 Creampies

When it comes to MILF cougars, Japan houses some truly fine specimens. Introducing 35 year-old Yuzu, a J-MILF cougar whose hobbies include bareback sex and letting some random white guy nut inside her. What a find!

Stripping down, she revealed her “35 going on 25” body. OMG…this is gonna be fun! We got to know each other a little better, then she stripped me down. After blowing so sweetly, my cock was all too ready to provide impregnation services, AKA “the vanilla double-nut sundae.”

Yuzu’s pussy was unlike any other pussy I had ever experienced. It was of course small and tight, which is par for the course with Japanese girls, but it had this narrow quality to it that caused the head of my “massive” foreign cock to reach and press against her cervix. It was such a constricted feeling that I thought I had accidentally entered her asshole. I had experienced many a tight pussy in my day, but nothing like this.

As a foreign gentleman about town, I believe in fucking girls the way they want to be fucked. At Yuzu’s request, I did my best to penetrate against her shallow G-spot, without forcing myself all the way in to her cervix. She appreciated the effort, moaning loudly as I twice seeded her tiny Asian womanhood.

One final note—Yuzu’s a bit of a screamer!

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