Wild Girl Wooded Squirting Outdoor Masturbation

Wild Girl Wooded Squirting Outdoor Masturbation
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In a lover's dream of secluded woods your girlfriend Carla starts to record something special for you. The thought of you has drawn her to step off-trail from her nature hike and remind you just what her body is like when you are on her mind. Clear surroundings all around make her light up at the knowledge she is free to touch her naked natural body. She strips down for you sensually, checking every now and again to ensure your seclusion. She gives you a real show of the strip-down, stopping to gyrate and seductively move her curvy hips and juicy ass often. With a full of availing of her hairy bush she lowers herself to the ground, knees spread apart wide. It doesn't take long for repeated strokes with her class toy to get her dripping wet with squirting cum. Continual playing with her pussy and a change in position to show off doggy style make for a fun playful view into how Carla likes to cum just like a wild girl out in the open. Upon completion of working her pussy for you she doesn't quick look around before modestly putting her clothes back on, preparing to be a well-dressed "good girl" in public again.

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