All videos show FULL FACE (unblurred) and are filmed in 1080p/60fps. This zip file contains the following videos...

How many times can I cum? Part 2 | 11 minutes | Two years after my first many-orgasm video, I do a second one, this time with full face! This time I go at it for about 10 minutes, letting you see all the details. Orgasm after orgasm, you experience it all with me! So... How many times do you think I came?

Nude masturbation and tit play | 5 minutes | Fully nude, with full face, I play with my tits and get off for you!

Strip, tit play, and cumming for you | 9 minutes | Another great masturbation video with full face! I start out dressed and strip down completely for you, spend lots of time playing with my tits, and finally use a vibrator to get off.

Masturbation and pussy play in purple lingerie | 15 minutes | Starting in my favorite purple lingerie, I give you a bit of a striptease. Soon later I get off with a (purple!) vibrator for you, and spend LOTS of time playing with my pussy. I rub it, show it off, stretch my labia and have all sorts of fun.

Two orgasm JOI | 16 minutes | Can you cum twice for me? I sure hope so... I give lots of instructions in this video, teasing you, having fun, and giving a countdown both times. Maybe if you're good, I'll take my top off for the second orgasm, but you have to earn it!

This is a total 56 minutes of video (nearly an HOUR!!), for just $50. And they all have my full face… That's pretty awesome ;)

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