Sex Harass Kiss My Ass!

Sex Harass Kiss My Ass!
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You have been helpful on this business trip but I require an assistant who is able to go above and beyond average duties.Yes I know I am in my lingerie, I haven’t finished dressing for the day yet. That has nothing to do with you, please try to stay focused. As the CEO, your position here is completely at My mercy. First of all I need someone who can give me massages, these long meetings are draining. What? Yes, I know you are married, so am I. If you can’t handle the responsibility I can call Legal and have them draw up your resignation paperwork right now. Oh, now you want to stay. Good. Get on your knees, crawl over to me and start kissing my ass. Yes, thats it, now I need to check on your other oral skills….

Clip includes boss employee role play, fantasy, arrogant woman, curvy, stockings and garter belt, big tits, brunette, cheating, dominant woman, ass worship POV

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