Confessions of Your Gold Digging House Wife

Confessions of Your Gold Digging House Wife
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There’s something that’s been on my mind that we need to discuss. I know I led you to believe that I loved you, but the truth is - it’s all a lie. The only reason I’m with you is because of your ca$h and how much I love to spend it. I just mind fucked and manipulated you into believing I actually cared about you, and have been using you financially this whole time we’ve been together.

I almost feel bad for you considering how much you almost worship me. I know how much you adore me and that you don’t want to lose what you think we have. But I think you are probably so desperate, you’d pay me anyway even without the husband benefits. So if you want to continue to be in my life, I want you to hand over full control of your finances and your life to me.

Of course, I’m going to completely deny you of sex and wifely affection unless I want to amuse myself by using you as my personal sex slave on occasion for my pleasure. Otherwise, you’re just a wallet to me. And you’ll gladly pay more because deep down you love having a wife so beautiful and controlling. You don’t care if that might drain you of your resources and leave you heartbroken. You love it! Your new goal as my husband is keeping me satisfied with ca$h and be my devoted financial slave.

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