RELEASED: May 10, 2019
- 65:07, 4K Ultra HD
- English subtitles
- Bareback
- 2 Creampies

I don’t care what your type is. Miho is it. You may even be into guys. It don’t fuckin’ matter cuz 23 year-old Miho is just too fuckin’ awesome. She’s got some hard-core hot-girl emitters that make everyone around her horny as fuck.

And that’s what she did to me. During the interview my heart and both of my heads were tingling with how goddamn cute and girl-next-door she is. How the fuck does she DO that?! I was under her spell.

And you too shall be…

Her naturally pretty face, scrumptious soft body, and flawless perky breasts are a testament not only to Asian beauty, but all-embracing beauty.

Let’s move on to her smile. She illuminates the room with that smile. She stared into the camera lens as she disrobed and even the camera thanked me. I soon played with her nude body and feasted on her little hole. I could do that all day long.

She blew deep and givingly. I was amazed a little Asian mouth could do that. Let’s go in…

A self-proclaimed “carnivore,” Miho requested deep penetration. That was actually the first time I’ve heard an Asian girl say that (a bit humbling actually), so I went in deeper. It wasn’t long before dumping the massive load that was weighing-down my balls deep into Miho’s young little vaggie.

Round two I did as I was told and went in deep, with her “KIMOCHI-II” cries edging me on. That little ass of hers is indescribably hot. Let’s do cowgirl, next doggie. My hands grasping her tiny waist as I pumped in standing doggie, I soon came intensely into her heavenly hole again. My eyes rolled back as I writhed in ecstasy. I think I’m in love…

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Size: 4980Mb
Format: video/mp4
Duration: 65:07 minutes

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