Of all places, I met 28 year-old Moa at a bar. Jeez…this girl is insanely pretty, I thought as we chatted. I was getting hard through my pants just talking with her, so it was rather difficult to stay on point. I was tempted to excuse myself to quickly nut one out and clear my head, but I feared that some other circling douchebag would soon descend.

A former party girl, now a smokin’ hot J-MILF that still likes to party once in a while, Moa proved to be a most perfect example of the “otherworldly beauty of Japanese women.”

Getting acquainted was an erection-inducing delight, and I took intense pleasure in Moa actively ramping her hips and panting as I feasted on her little manicured pussy. She soon reciprocated with a sensual blow. There are no words as you watch such a gorgeous girl suck and lick your member. I am not worthy!

She spread her beautiful legs and let me inside. I pumped and pumped as is the male role. Being Moa’s first porn experience, she watched the camera monitor intently as her lovely little kitty welcomed her first non-Japanese cock. After asking me to cum inside, I soon let a torrent of cum spew intensely into Moa’s hospitable womb.

That angelic face of hers soon made me hard again, and the fucking continued until I released another gush of semen into her Asian sublimity.

Let’s hope my hardy sperms did the trick, and that stunning MILF Moa is expecting again!

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Size: 4628Mb
Format: video/mp4
Duration: 60:37 minutes

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