Once Jonah got Lily and her cute little overalls away from the 4th of July barbeque he just had to see if she really loved America. She can't help but excitedly rattle off a whole list of things she adores about the US and barely even notices as his hand keeps sliding higher on her thigh (all the way up onto her covered pussy) as she rambles on.

Eventually all this unrestrained love for her country starts to take an effect on Jonah and he pops a majestic, knotty patriotism boner. It takes a little sweet talking, but soon Lily's taking his freedom-flavored erection into her mouth and driving the knot hard against her lips to try and take it all inside.

Soon enough Lily's begging to have that big slab of patriotic pie shoved all the way up inside her oven and Jonah can't help but comply, shoving her onto the couch and driving his American-made knot balls deep in her soaking wet pussy as her soft titties bounce with each thrust.

Her earnest love for the red, white and blue leads to her demanding he deliver his hot load inside her and all he can do is drive his hips against her, knotting her deep and pumping his hot cum into her pussy as she shakes and cums uncontrollably.

Size: 5460Mb
Format: video/mp4
Duration: 09:08 minutes

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