18 year-old J-Pop idolesque Kurumi recently finished high school in her rural Japan town, moved to Tokyo, and got a thankless salesclerk job at a Harajuku women’s clothing store. The real world’s been a bit of a letdown for young Kurumi, so why not spread her legs on camera for a white bloke old enough to be her father?

Ol’ Papa CJ is always more than happy to oblige, but I quickly realized that this girl is fuckin’ SHY. She makes our past bashful starlet Yuri look like a chatterbox social butterfly. Was this gonna work?

My brain couldn’t think as my veiny old cock got the best of me, suddenly rising to the occasion and imploring entry into the tightest little shaved pussy imaginable. Apparently I’m the biggest she’s ever had (really!?), so we started out slow and easy to acclimate her to my “massive” (LOL) dick.

Having never done porn or anything remotely in the ballpark before, Kurumi was truly stepping out of her element. Breaking down her persistent camera shyness proved challenging, but in the end I think we captured a beautiful moment together. After all…what’s more beautiful than a pasty old white guy bareback fucking a Japanese teenager?

To be honest the cum shot was a bit of a fail, but entertaining nonetheless. As she rushed to assume the position for a facial, my first intense cum spurt shot right up her nose, causing her to instinctively shield herself from the subsequent spews. In her defense it was her very first time attempting a facial, and I regret not giving her more “training” beforehand.

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Format: video/mp4
Duration: 53:06 minutes

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