You summon the great succubus Bealzebooty with the hopes that she can satisfy the longings hidden deep in your soul. She is gorgeous and terrifying, and now that she sits before you, powerful but trapped safely in the summoning circle you cast, you’re completely at her mercy.
She speaks your fantasies aloud, bringing them life, and you’re already hard, stroking yourself while she strokes her pointed demon cock, smiling her evil grin while she speaks. She talks of how she’ll get out soon and put you in your place: beneath her, with her cock stretching your virgin asshole. There’s no use hiding it, she can read your mind and your heart. She knows what you really want: to wake up beneath her, pinned helplessly to your bed while she dumps load after load into your bowels.

There’s other light elements of humiliation in this video, briefly mentioned sph and cuckolding but I wouldn’t call them main focuses or central kinks to the video. It’d call it a pretty lightcore femdom, it’s mostly just the costume and situation that gives it a nice element of horror and intensity.

Size: 688Mb
Format: video/mp4
Duration: 11:01 minutes

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