Wanting To Show "MrNuttz" How I Worship Cock

Wanting To Show "MrNuttz" How I Worship Cock
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Carla's South Florida visit to a house of Big Black Cock started perfectly with MrNuttz in her mouth. Shamelessly yearning to see what he's got, she loves how the girth of is meaty dick is like a big toy for her! Carla sucks him off with attentiveness clear from her bright eyes and smile. She slurps loudly with her tongue with each trip up and down his shaft; and keeps up a wild energy that must only come from a burning need to worship his cock intimately. Taking the time to swirl the head around her tongue between gobbling BBC every so often also makes it clear this blowjob is a joy for her. They change position halfway through for a grasp of Carla's hair as MrNuttz stands and can glide his cock right through her mouth like another fuck-hole. Getting to fill her lips from that angle proves perfect for pushing him to the edge, blowing his load for Carla to swallow and suck down her tongue.

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