Hi Boss, I’m here for the meeting. What do you mean I need to review the dress code? There is nothing worng with my outfit. Look, it is a long sleeve blouse and almost knee lentgh skirt, with tall boots. No one ever said that leather isn’t allowed on business trips, in fact, I noticed the other day that you were staring at my boots so hard you forgot what you were talking about. Just like you are now…So, I decided to go out and buy a leather skirt and see if anything happened on this trip. Well obviously you have some sort of fascination with leather, I can see the bulge in your pants getting bigger.

I bet you want to take it out for me don’t you? Give me $300 right now and a raise in writing and I’ll let you jerk your cock out to my leather skirt and boots. No? Fine, then I will tell everyone about your weird leather fetish, and maybe even get a lot of my friends who work here too to start wearing leather every day. You will never get anything done! Ahh, thanks for the $300, now how about that raise. Good boss. Take it out, watch my legs and feet in these soft leather boots, that’s it. Jerk it. Maybe I will let you cum all over my leather skirted ass.

blackmail blousefetish employeeboss fantasy fetish leather leatherboots leatherskirt roleplay satin
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Format: video/mp4
Duration: 11:07 minutes

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