Latex Corset Dress

Latex Corset Dress
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Latex Corset Dress Part 1: Getting It On
Mistress Eden Lost knows your weakness for tight, shiny, black latex. This Goddess knows how irresistible Her curvy body is when it is clad in skin tight latex. Today Mistress Eden Lost lets you watch as She wiggles Her way into a body conscious little black dress- made of rubber!
The sexy little black dress of rubber has a deep scoop back, pencil skirt fit, and corset lacing up the front. Mistress Eden Lost looks absolutely stunning once She is fully dressed- and you get the pleasure of watching Her do so!
Latex Corset Dress Part 2: The Shining
Now that you've been all worked up from watching Mistress Eden Lost dress up in Her tight rubber dress, it's time for the fun part- shining it up! Mistress Eden Lost loves tight shiny latex- and you love watching Her wear it!
Mistress teases you with some nice close up views of Her dress from many angles before grabbing Her handy bottle of latex shiner. With a deviant smile, She slowly pours the lube into Her hands and rubs them together. She sensually rubs the latex shiner all over Her latex clad body. Making sure not to miss a spot, Mistress Eden Lost refills the lube and repeats the shining process all over. She makes sure to show you Her dress from every angle and the finished results of Her thorough rubdown.
You can see She is loving every minute of of shining, wearing, and touching Her latex dress. You know you love it too.
Latex Corset Dress Part 3: Taken Off
Mistress Eden Lost had a wonderful time in Her tight, sexy black latex dress, but now the night has come to an end and it's time to undress. Just as much fun as putting on and wearing latex is taking it off! Lucky you- you get to watch!
Mistress starts by giving you one last look at the dress from all angles before teasing you with Her perfect tits. She slowly and sensually begins to remove the dress. You can't help but be seduced by Her graceful movements and beautiful body.
Price: $11.99 USD
Time: 10 min

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