Ass Worship and Domination Clip Bundle

Ass Worship and Domination Clip Bundle
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Bundle contains 4 ass worship and domination MP4 clips in zip file

*My Ass is Your Kryptonite*
I know just how weak my ass makes you. It’s almost as if it’s your kryptonite. You may think you’re strong, but whenever you see my ass, you get completely mesmerized and weak. It has the power to completely destroy your mental functioning.

I bet just thinking about my ass has you excited already. I don’t blame you though, because I know my ass is perfect. It’s so hard to resist. You just need to quit fighting it and surrender because the more I tease you with my ass, the weaker you will become.

When you are so mesmerized by my ass, it’s so easy to get you to do whatever it is that I want. By the end of this clip, you will be so weak and mind fucked that you’ll just have to send me a tribute when I tell you to send it.

*Shiny Ass Seduction*
Do you have a weakness for a gorgeous ass in shiny shorts? Well, I invite you to relax as I slowly and sensually tease you with my mesmerizing shiny ass. You begin to feel yourself becoming weaker by the moment as you gaze upon me swaying hypnotically in front of you.

As you continue to stare at my magnificently shiny ass, I take you deeper and mesmerize you into submission for me. By the end of this clip, you’ll find it is so easy to become completely entranced into a blissful state of submission - eager to lose control for your seductive Femdom Goddess.

*Mesmerized Ass Zombie*
I know looking at my amazing ass turns you into a little zombie for me, doesn’t it? Well I’m going to weaken your defenses even more as I slowly tease you with my ass in my lacy thong. You love how I mind fuck you into becoming a submissive zombie as you stare.

I will take you even deeper for my ass as I slowly mesmerize you into giving up all control for me. It’ll get to the point where you will do anything just for another glimpse of my ass being the addicted zombie that you are. The longer you watch me mesmerize you with my ass as you stroke, the easier it will be to obey the demands of this bratty Goddess.

By the end, you’ll a drooling zombie begging to do anything to please my ass.

*Making You Beg to Pay My Ass in Jeans*
I know all about your little weakness for a demanding Goddess in jeans, so today I’m going to exploit that. I tease and shake my ass in jeans in your face while telling you to stare intently. You begin to feel yourself weaken more and more each moment as you become mesmerized by my ass in jeans.

You love how my jeans hug my curves so perfectly, that it’ll become so difficult for you to stop staring. Eventually you’ll be begging to pay me whatever I ask for another glimpse of my perfect ass in my jeans. You’ll learn to love paying my ass in jeans as much as you love worshiping my ass itself!

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