Exposing Alex' BBC Love

Exposing Alex' BBC Love
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I am a therapist and Alex, the viewer, is my patient. I know that Alex likes big black penis and to swallow sperm but he feels constrained. I do not just want him to accept his nature and desires, but also be proud of it. In order to help him to walk alone, I want him to admit, express, expose this love for black men with big penises. I have him unwind and I invite him to masturbate, at any time, if the desire is felt.

So, I ask him questions, to guide him to the expression of his desires. As for example, I could start by asking him, what kind of man he likes: tall, imposing, viril and dominant. once I’ve pulled the worms out of him, I make him repeat the answer, like: I love strong dominant black man.

Then I talk about the size of his penis. I ask him: Alex, do you like big penises? He responds timidly, and find that he is blushing blushing. I repeat the question again with a focus on the word * big * while observing his reaction. His sudden erection is very apparent. Obviously, the big black penises affect him enormously, thus why I continue in that sense. I ask him the length (10 inches) and thickness (4 inches) of the desired penis (use your hands to illustrate the length and thickness.) After these details disclosed, I confirm that he likes a very big penis.

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