RELEASED: October 9, 2018
- 57:33, 4K Ultra HD
- English subtitles
- Bareback
- 2 Creampies

20 year-old Mizuki is a very sweet girl working as a clerk at a low-key cafe. When I first met her, I thought, “What a cutie!” A super petite 148cm tall, she’s simply adorable and very much my type. Japanese people would often describe her as NINGYOU (人形), which means “doll.” That’s a pretty accurate description.

When the clothes came off, I was greeted with her unbelievably hot body. WTF?? Who knew this was hiding underneath!? It never fails to amaze me how Japanese girls sport such sexy bodies hidden under cutesy outfits. Blessed creatures indeed.

After enjoying a yummy foreplay session, I entered. Her womanhood gripped like a vice, and she struggled a bit with my size, repeating the word OUKII (“big”) like a mantra. Rather than hold back, I figured it best to dump a week’s worth of cum since such a cute girl would undoubtably make me cum repeatedly. She asked me to let it loose inside her, so I obliged. “A lot came out” is an understatement.

Round 2 was fun to say the least. I really couldn’t get enough of Mizuki and her perfect little body. Let’s just sum this up by saying after fucking and fucking, yes I came yet again inside her--impregnating her with a cute half-Japanese baby.

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Size: 4376Mb
Format: video/mp4
Duration: 57:33 minutes

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