Mental Domination/ Mind Fuck Clip Bundle

Mental Domination/ Mind Fuck Clip Bundle
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Bundle contains 4 mental domination/ mind fuck themed HD MP4 clips in zip file


Do you want to know why my presence is both irresistible and frightening to you? It may look like I’m drawing you in and that you’re my helpless victim. But the truth is, you came here out of your own free will, didn’t you?

I represent a part of yourself that you may be opposed to recognize. See, you have a woman in your psyche who longs to be recognized. Unfortunately, the longer you go without recognizing her the more destructive she becomes to you. She seduces you and stirs the wild lust deep inside you. I am your anima staring you in the face giving you a glimpse of what you try so hard to suppress.

Most likely you are here due to your lust. I have no problem using it against your stubborn ego as I mind fuck you and make you pay for every moment in my presence. You are so easily controlled and manipulated because of your inability to take responsibility for your own dark thoughts and desires.

What you can’t see CAN affect you and manipulate you - in the most dangerous way. That is until you recognize it. The part of you that can be a little self absorbed, destructive, and conceited. Just admit that you hate to love me and you love to hate me. You better learn to own the dark part of your nature, or she’ll own you.

*My Existence Makes You Weak*

I know it doesn’t take much to make a submissive guy like you completely weak. Most likely you see a gorgeous dominant woman like me and immediately creating a Femdom fantasy scenario in your mind. I haven’t even begun to dominate you, and already I have you mind fucked and under my control.

You love how I am unapologetically myself and do whatever I want while teasing you with my existence. I can just give you a few disgusted looks and you begin to imagine what I could do to you under my control.

Since you get off on my existence so much, it only seems fitting that you pay for my existence before I even begin to dominate you.

*Mind Fucked by Pantyhose and Pussy Power*

I know you have a little weakness for a hot dominant woman in pantyhose, don’t you. Well, my pantyhose combined with my pussy power leaves you completely mind fucked for me. All I have to do is simply tease and taunt you while wearing my pantyhose, exploit your weakness, and eventually I’ll have you under my complete control.

The longer you stare at me tease you in my pantyhose, the stronger my pussy power takes hold of you. It all begins with an innocent pair of pantyhose, however indulging in your fetish ends in you being mind fucked into complete submission for a mind fucking Femdom.

*You're the Whore*

You know that anything you want from me, you have to pay for it. And I know that you may think that makes me a whore. Well, you know what? I’ll let you in on a little secret. Just because you’re paying doesn’t mean I’ll do anything for your ca$h. Maybe it is YOU who is already a financial slave and a whore to the money.

See you’re here because I have something that you want, however I’m going to get paid either way. In fact, you’re the whore since you keep paying over and over again just to get a little taste of me. The lengths you go to for your gratification just shows that you’re the one who is the whore.

You know I’m not going to give you everything you want, yet here you are still trying to gain scraps of my presence. But I know you love being a whore for dominant women as you keep spending and stroking.The more I humiliate you and call you a whore, the more turned on you get. You desperately want to be my mind fucked little whore, don’t you? Oh how the tables have turned!

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