Sugar Daddy Humiliation Clip Bundle

Sugar Daddy Humiliation Clip Bundle
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Bundle contains 3 sugar daddy humiliation themed HD MP4 clips in zip file

*The Sugar Daddy Dilemma*

I absolutely love the idea of having a sugar daddy - generous men sending me ca$h and gifts regularly. However, I have a little dilemma. The problem is that I don’t really want to be sexually submissive to a guy who thinks he can simply buy his way into my life while acting like there’s a deep connection. You sugar daddies fool yourself into believing that the arrangement is beneficial for everyone when it really only benefits you.

If you want to be my sugar daddy, I’ll allow you under one condition. You’ll have to be my sugar daddy slave giving me whatever I want whenever I want it. Let’s be honest, you are already a slave to bratty young women and you’re just begging to be used for your ca$h.

*Humiliation for an Old Perv in Denial*

I see old pervs like you when I’m out and about minding my own business staring at my youthful beauty. There’s always one old pervert in denial who thinks he has a chance with me. I know it can feel humiliating to admit to yourself that you are way past your prime and can no longer rely on your good looks and charm to catch ‘a young lady’s attention.

You know that the only use you have to a young and beautiful Femdom like me is paying me. I know it must be a mind fuck to realize adding to my life financially is the only way I’ll even give an old perv like you the time of day. I have no problem teasing the hell out of you with my gorgeous body to get what I want from you, old perv.

*Sugar Daddy Humiliation and Exploitation*

I find you self proclaimed “sugar daddies” to be quite humorous. You flaunt around your ca$h using it to lure in women and then wonder why they only want you for your money. You really are pathetic, aren’t you?

All you really deserve is all the humiliation and financial exploitation you can get because your money is the only redeeming quality about you. To me you’re simply just a financial slave in denial because it’s obvious you are so desperate to pay. There definitely won’t be any mutual benefit to this relationship except for you finding your true purpose as a financial slave.

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