Hina Round 3

Hina Round 3
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After fucking each other like rabbits (and cumming twice), Hina and I were hanging out and enjoying a lazy afternoon. She wanted to see some of the footage we had shot, so I obliged and played back various clips. As she watched intently, she softly stroked my leg and chest, causing a slow but growing pulse of desire. OMG...I'm hard again...

Grabbing the action camera I stood up, and she started sweetly blowing. Let's go for round 3!

Something special about Hina pushed my body and soul's buttons in a very particular way. This video is of our round 3 lovemaking session, where I experimented with some slightly different camera angles. Assuming my balls were totally empty, I honestly wasn't expecting to cum. But when we were fucking in doggie, the perfect view of her shapely rump accompanied by the symphony of our loins colliding suddenly triggered a third orgasm.

I reached for the action cam to capture the spew, but sadly its battery was exhausted. Luckily the main cam caught our surprised reactions. I quickly swapped the battery and filmed the gooey aftermath, followed by my heartfelt praise of this erotic Japanese angel.

There’s some bonus footage at the end of the BJ from the first scene as captured by the main camera.

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