Rin Returns For Creampie Service

Rin Returns For Creampie Service
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Almost a year has passed since last we met country bumpkin vixen Rin, so it was nice to hear from her again, and even nicer to hear she hungered for more white guy lovin'. As we got reacquainted, she asked if I could fuck her bareback this time because she wanted her tight little Japanese vaggie stuffed with Caucasian tadpoles.

How could I refuse?

As she gradually undressed, I was again greeted by her lovely female shape that seems to scream “sexual reproduction.” She was already horny, so she touched her nude self, soon making herself cum. I then partook in her body, then her warm mound. She returned the favor, sucking my throbbing member. I’m getting hard again just writing this.

My stiff snake slithered into her moist fuzzy nest and found its prey. I’m forever shocked by the intense rush of pleasure when I slither inside a Japanese girl’s womanhood.

It’s a forever-potent drug.

I started slow, holding back my snake’s venom. Once in doggie I intensified the pumping, enjoying Rin’s refreshingly full rump. She told me her favorite position is laying on her tummy, getting fucked from behind, so I indulged her desires to the best of my ability.

Finally we returned to missionary, where she guided me in again. I soon spewed my cum load all up inside her, and it dribbled out onto the black sheets.

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