Hypnotic Lady fox and HER prey

Hypnotic Lady fox and HER prey
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In this clip, you are the infamous Agent James, you've gone rouge in an effort to bring down the known Villain, "Lady Fox", she's wanted in all forms of crimes, she was a legend at the academy, a Vixen, a ghost...until now, You've found her establishment and penetrated through in the hopes to bring her down, only to be out numbered by her many guards. They escort you to the lady herself, where you'll finally be able to seize the moment in fighting the remaining guards off and capture her, making you the hero of the hour. When you're introduced to the legendary LADY FOX, you're beside yourself with mixed emotions of determination, surrender and utter awe at her amazing beauty. No wonder she's untouchable. Her mystique, her power over the male mind and her curves...oh god, those curves..oh god those breasts. Soon you're helpless, unable to resist her charms, her obvious control over your...HARD erection, what will happen? what will she do to you? will you succeed in capturing her, you're so determined...or will she make you her weak little servant, joining the rest of her already huge following? you're on your knees, and suddenly..

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