Larkin Love Fan Fuck Raffle Ticket

Larkin Love Fan Fuck Raffle Ticket
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Each purchase of this item is worth 1 raffle ticket. Remember, you can purchase up to 15 tickets per person.

This is the contest you've all been waiting for! Win a private adult video shoot with Larkin Love, all expenses paid!

You can EITHER (winner's choice):

- keep the video and stills from the shoot for your private collection

- OR see your porn debut available for sale on the world market

Entries are $99.95 each.

Every single entrant gets an entry gift prize pack ($434 value), delivered via download link upon purchase of a ticket. The prize pack is identical for multiple entries.

**** READ THE FAQ, PLEASE! *****
If you have questions, please email

EVERY entrant receives the following participation gifts via download link upon purchase of ticket:

- a LIFETIME subscription to my XXX Uncensored Snachat ($99 value)

- 10 images from "Vintage Larkin," my first ever nude set taken at age 19. ($25 value)

- 14 top selling clips (a mix of hardcore, solo masturbation, JOI, fetish, and femdom) in remastered HD for download. Yours to keep forever! ($280 value)

- High-quality print resolution, wallpaper-ready images of "Larkin vs The Zombies," a non-nude collectable 30+ image set ($29.99 value)


- One (1) GRAND PRIZE winner receives entry gifts, PLUS: a round trip flight to Los Angeles, CA or London, England from anywhere in the world, up to $1200 in value; hotel accommodation, food, and ground transportation in Los Angeles for the duration of the shoot; an adult industry full panel STI test from an approved industry testing center; a one-scene shoot with Larkin Love, EITHER for private use by the winner OR for public sale by Larkin Love according to the winner's wishes (dependent on signed model release); high definition copies of video and stills from the shoot with Larkin Love.

- Three (3) 2nd place winners receive entry gifts PLUS: a 12 month subscription to ($480 value)

- Five (5) 3rd place winners receive entry gifts PLUS: a 6 month subscription to ($288 value)


Q: How do I enter?

A: You can purchase entries from http://LarkinLoveRaffle

Q: How will winners be notified?

A: Winners will be notified by the same email they used for purchase.

Q: What kind of scene are we shooting together?

A: That's your choice. You pick the theme and category, and I write the script. As long as something is part of my standard adult film catalog, we're good to go. Hardcore, Femdom, fetish, and more are on the table.

Q: Who can enter this contest?

A: Any person of any gender, biological sex, ethnicity, and age [over the age of 18 at the time of raffle entry purchase]. You must also pass a full panel industry approved STI test at an industry testing center in California before shooting, for which my production company will pay.

Q: Can I win the Grand Prize if I live outside the USA?

A: Yes, you can! Your flight and travel will be covered up to $1200. If a round trip flight from your location costs more than $1200, then you will be required to pay the difference, or otherwise forfeit the prize and I will choose another Grand Prize Winner.

Q: Can I enter more than once?

A: Each entrant may purchase up to fifteen (15) entry tickets TOTAL. You can purchase them all on a single day, or divided between multiple days throughout the contest. Entries must be received before March 1st, 2018, 12 noon Eastern USA time.

Q: How many raffle tickets will be issued?

A: A maximum of 200 tickets will be issued TOTAL. Entrants may purchase a maximum of 15 tickets per person.

Q: When is the prize drawing?

A: March 1st, 2018, 1pm Eastern USA time.

Q: When can I enter?

A: From January 1st, 2017 through March 1st, 2018, 12 Noon Eastern USA time.

Q: Where will the Fan Fuck be shot?

A: Depending on the preferences of the winner, either Los Angeles, California, or London, England. Specific location TBA to winner of grand prize after drawing on March 1st, 2017.

Q: When will the Fan Fuck be shot?

A: Scheduling is determined between Larkin Love and the grand prize winner. Potential shoot dates begin after March 1st, 2018.

Q: Will this be a video for private collection or for public sale?

A: Distribution is at discretion of the Grand Prize winner. If Grand Prize winner signs a model release, Larkin Love will have rights to sell the video and stills, but otherwise it's just for you!

Q: Will there be crew members present?

A: If the Grand Prize winner chooses to have their video available for public sale and distribution by Larkin Love, then yes, there will be crew members present. The scene will be shot using professional light, camera, and makeup personnel . If the Grand Prize winner wishes to keep their video for private collection, there will be only Larkin Love and the winner on set.

Q: Can I use this shoot to launch my porn career?

A: Absolutely! If you've ever dreamed about breaking into adult video, here's a great chance!

Q: Do I have to show my face?

A: No, you do not. We can shoot a POV scene if you wish, or you can wear a mask/costume to hide your identity.

Q: Are established industry performers allowed to enter?

A: Yes! Anyone can enter, as long as they are over 18.

Q: Is my entry confidential?

A: Yes! Your entry is 100% confidential. I will not publicly broadcast entrants or winners in any way, UNLESS YOU SPECIFICALLY ASK ME TO and sign a waiver and all appropriate model releases.

Q: How long do I get to spend with Larkin Love?

A: The winner will spend a meet and greet meal at a restaurant with Ms. Love (all expenses paid) just before the shoot, and the duration of the shoot itself. While there is no strict time limit, consider the amount of time it would take to set up and shoot a single porn scene. Some scenes (complicated femdom scenarios, for example) may take longer than others. Participants should expect to free their calendar for an entire day for this endeavor.

Q: When do I receive my entry gifts?

A: You will receive access to entry gifts instantly after entry via download link.

Q: What happens if the Grand Prize winner can't/won't be able to shoot a scene?

A: In the event that the Grand Prize winner can't or won't shoot an adult film scene with Larkin Love, they forfeit their winnings, and a new Grand Prize winner will be chosen from the remaining entries.

Q: Can I win more than one prize?

A: Yes, you can! If you purchase more than one ticket, it is entirely possible that you could win a prize from each tier. You can only win one prize per tier.

Q: How will winning entries be chosen?

A: Each entry will be assigned a number from 1 to 200. Winning entries will be chosen at random using the random number generator at

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