RELEASED: June 4, 2019
- 69:01, 4K Ultra HD
- English subtitles
- Bareback
- 2 Creampies

25 year-old Miku is about as girl-next-door as they come. I say that because soon after meeting her I got the distinct feeling that our video was a one-time thing she really wanted to cross off her bucket list. A fan of Japanese anime, Miku’s admitted fantasy is to “dress up like a school girl and fuck.” What a fantastic idea!

CJ’s magical fantastical cosplay machine instantly transformed her into a perfect little school girl. Balanced with Miku’s cute, subtle “visual kei” look and sultry bra and panties, she blessed herself with a sexy anime look that really turned me on. I couldn’t wait to join in the fun. The panties came off and revealed Miku’s ethereal hairless slit. Now I’ve been fortunate enough to partake in many a gorgeous pussy in my day, but Miku’s was just WOW. Fuckin’ WOW. There are no words. I’m not worthy!!

It didn’t stop there. Her hipline perfectly highlighted a plump and peachy little ass. And Miku was so modest about herself, making her all the more attractive. She didn’t understand how smoking hot she is. I love this girl.

In true CJ style, I soon inundated her tiny fertile Asian womb with a deluge of pasty Caucasian tadpoles. Fuck-an-A, that’s a lot of cum. She lounged on the bed as the life juices dribbled out. I started making out with her again, my old cock pulsing with round two desire.

I indulged in her velvety little hole again, and pumped and pumped to match her lusty swelling breaths. By the time we got to doggie, I had to actually hold-back another spew. Damn, this girl’s got power over me. I’m a veritable sprinkler with her.

Miku said she most enjoys missionary because she can see the face of her lover. Oh, that pulls my heart strings! There’s nothing hotter to me than pleasing the girl, so we returned to missionary. She stared at the elegant action on the camera monitor as I partook in her tight slit, soon triggering a second juicy orgasm deep inside her.

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Size: 4735Mb
Format: video/mp4
Duration: 69:01 minutes

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