RELEASED: September 4, 2018
- 55:49, 4K Ultra HD
- English subtitles
- Bareback
- 3 Creampies

18 year-old Asuka hails from Tochigi prefecture, and if all the girls in Tochigi are this smokin’ hot, then I’m moving there this very instant. Sporting an exquisitely sexy body complete with F/G-cup breasts, everything about her seems to scream “Please impregnate me!”

So I did. 3 times in fact.

A genuinely sweet girl, she proved herself refreshingly different from other Japanese girls. Despite it being both her first adult video and first interracial sex experience, she wasn’t shy about stripping for the camera or doing all those other fun things. She is a teen dichotomy—surprisingly mature and confident one moment, but then inexperienced and curious the next.

Her effect on me was pure unbridled magic--turning my Caucasian cock into a veritable sperm fountain:
* Round 1: Holding back a week’s worth of sperm proved near impossible, so I soon let nature take its course and filled her teen womb with a bucket of pale white guy love.
* Round 2: Back in the game, we enjoyed missionary, prone, and doggie. As I pumped her in standing doggie, I cupped her divine breasts from behind. The sensation and view were overwhelming, and I shot another intense load inside of her.
* Round 3: Asuka looked like a priceless museum sculpture as she relaxed nude on the bed. I couldn’t resist and started gently making out with her. My cock was almost immediately hard again, so I went inside. I thought my balls were empty at this point, but I was very wrong. She stared at me and giggled as we fucked, triggering a very unexpected third orgasm inside her perfect shaved womanhood.

- Sincere apologies for the audio at the beginning! There was a REALLY FUCKIN’ LOUD festival going on while filming Asuka’s interview. Fortunately the background noise died-down after the interview portion.

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Size: 4271Mb
Format: video/mp4
Duration: 55:49 minutes

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