Kurumi Returns for Double Creampie

Kurumi Returns for Double Creampie
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Extremely shy and quiet Kurumi returns for another Covert Japan experience! The first time we met Kurumi, a profound philosophical question was posed: “What’s more beautiful than a pasty old white guy bareback fucking a Japanese teenager?” I believe we have the answer. How about a pasty old white guy bareback fucking a Japanese teenager AND cumming inside her TWICE?

“Cute” is just too weak a word for this 18 year-old angel. Add to that her flawless shaved pussy and some school girl cosplay, and we have the ingredients for a double helping of white guy creampie.

Kurumi looks simply amazing in that uniform, and it oddly suited her introverted personality. Making out with her felt like being in a Japanese anime flick, so I sprinkled in some cheesy humor to keep it lighthearted, as I melt when I see this bashful young lady’s sweet smile.

She struggled with my “massive” (lol) cock, so I started easy and slow, hesitating to enter her completely. Even going in halfway felt incredible because there’s really nothing more pleasurable than a Japanese teen’s pussy caressing your raw dick. Letting nature take its course, I came inside her.

Round 2 I ramped up the intensity while monitoring Kurumi’s bout with my giant white cock. After some doggie and some of her riding on top, we did more missionary with her completely nude. After putting the socks back on, I soon came inside her again. Ah, the power of socks combined with Kurumi’s infinite cuteness--a force to be reckoned with!

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