Mayu Pleasures White Guy Beyond Imagination

Mayu Pleasures White Guy Beyond Imagination
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RELEASED: August 16, 2018
- 75:10, 4K Ultra HD
- English subtitles
- Bareback
- 2 Creampies

To understand 23 year-old girl-next-door Mayu, there are a couple of Japanese words you should know:
1) GENKI - vibrant, full of life
2) EROI - erotic, “hot”


She’s the kind of girl that’s always smiling and laughing, and in doing so engulfs those around her with a tingling joy and pleasure. As soon as our lips touched, her energy enraptured me. I was hooked. A steamy but playful make-out and pussy-eating session ensued.

As expected her pussy was nice and tight, but it also coated my bareback cock with slick pussy juices--the finest pussy juices Japan has to offer. Holding back a week’s worth of my white guy love pudding was beyond challenging. I joked about how men are advised to imagine baseball and grandma to last longer. I finally dumped my massive load inside her. It dribbled out for a long while, making a puddle on the sheets.

Round 2 we enjoyed the pleasure of our bodies in a myriad of positions. The sex only got more sultry as Mayu delighted in watching the action on the camera monitor. As we fucked in standing doggie, a second orgasm suddenly crept up on me, and I flooded her young womb with a substantial round 2 cum load.

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