Now that the cake's been baked and decorated, it's time to get messy! The cake may be but one layer, but that doesn't take away from the mess I manage to make by plopping my bare pawg ass down on it. The frosting & sprinkles stick to my cheeks and the backs of my thighs and I get all caught up in seeing just how much I can squish this poor confetti cake!
I'm not limited to my ass tho, I also get my feet & toes involved in the destruction. I smear some on the inside of my thighs and squeeze the compacted mess into ribbons between my toes and hold them real close to the camera and ask you to lick them clean for me. I smash imprints of my ass in the cake remains, flatten it all over the table, and even bunch it up to hump for a little while. It gets me pretty wet, but not enough to cum.
I end it with taking a little taste from the dough that collected some of my grool!

Size: 908Mb
Format: video/mp4
Duration: 14:34 minutes

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