RELEASED: March 9, 2019
- 57:47, 4K Ultra HD
- English subtitles
- Bareback
- Creampie

In keeping with adult video's love of acronyms, I would say 26 year-old Minami is Japan's version of the BBW. It's relatively rare to find a girl in Asia with curves like Minami's, so copulating with her was a consummate treat. Her sensual hipline and full-bodied rump tweaked my senses in extraordinary ways.

Disrobing, she revealed her youthful creamy white skin. Then as she slowly opened her legs for both my eyes and the camera's, I was greeted by her first-class shaved womanhood. Don't get me wrong--I love ALL pussy. But totally shaved fuckin' rocks, does it not? And totally shaved isn't as common in Asia as it is in the West I think. She shoots, she scores!

I lustfully feasted on it. Damn that's good. And surprisingly tight considering her wide womanly hips. Her clit and labias fluttered with desire.

But before going in, she blew me. Wow she's good at that. A bit of playful tickle blended with deep, arousing sucks. I couldn't wait to go in and experience everything Minami's curvy body had to offer.

And offer it did! Hips and curves and ass and more curves and fucking in doggie made me think I was fucking a big-bootie white girl or something. But then that cute Japanese face and jet-black hair reminded me I was fucking a curvy J-girl. Oh God this is awesome! Best of both worlds!

I couldn't get enough of that bountiful Asian backside. After rocking back and forth on my cock, I had to try standing doggie. I released my reproductive payload deep inside her, my wanton cock twitching with spermy spews long after the initial orgasm. We joked about the power of standing doggie, but I knew it was less the position and more Minami's lusciously curvy ass.

Cheers to Japanese BBWs!

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Size: 4424Mb
Format: video/mp4
Duration: 57:47 minutes

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