Homewrecking Sex Counselor

Homewrecking Sex Counselor
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I’m glad to meet the two of you, now relax and tell me what is going on with your relationship? Ahh, your wife is annoyed by your seemingly constant need for sex and you feel neglected. I see, well this is a very common problem. Obviously your husband has a strong sex drive, I see his erection from staring at my cleavage- no don’t be embarrassed, it is perfectly normal. So ma’am, do you ever wear risque lingerie to surprise your husband? No? Hmmm, well what about completely forgetting to wear panties at all, like this… What are you trying to do? No you can not leave and your husband is getting a lot out of this already. We are learning so much! His rapt attention to my deep cleavage and curves, and your jealousy says everything. You are not going anywhere. I am going to show you exactly how to please and fuck your husband. That’s it, in lots of positions too…. Clip includes therapy session, home wrecking, cheating, bad therapist, big tits, lingerie, high heels, POV, upskirt, curvy, mature, MILF.

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