Breast Domination Clip Bundle

Breast Domination Clip Bundle
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Bundle contains 2 breast domination MP4 clips in zip file

*Step Into My Booby Trap*

I know how much you LOVE to be mesmerized and seduced by a gorgeous and dominant woman. Well, I’m going to lure you right into my booby trap because I know that when I tease you with my breasts you can’t help but want to obey me.

You’ll try to resist and get away, but you’ll just feel my booby trap pulling you in closer to me. You love it though, and you’ll willingly walk into my booby trap. You love how pathetic and helpless you feel being caught in my web of seduction. It’s almost too easy to manipulate you into doing whatever I want in order to please me!

*Side and Under Boob Destruction*

In this clip I tease and torment you with my epic side and under boob. It makes you so weak seeing my breast peek out of the bottom of my shirt. I tease you so much I bet you’ll start begging through the screen to see my whole breast.

Not so fast! I want to make sure you’re really teased and destroyed by the time I’m done with you. However, you may be so lucky to see an occasional nip slip, which only mind fucks and destroys you more. You know how cruel I can be sometimes, so be prepared for a mind fucking surprise at the end of this clip!

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