Home Invasion of the Home Wrecker

Home Invasion of the Home Wrecker
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Suddenly- the front door opens and a menacing figure in a mask and black catsuit bursts into my living room! Eyes widening in shock, I do as she orders and drop to my knees.She demands to know everything about my married lover- intimate details or else she will do horrible things to expose both of us, including recording this whole thing as a video she is going to keep as blackmail!

First, she gags me and ties me up in my white full slip. She demands that I change into the last outfit I wore to fuck him him, so I change into the red velvet set and stockings and high heels that he bought for me. She also makes me get the dildo he bought to watch me use. I use it in front of her, as she goads me into telling her all of our sexual secrets. Then she makes me fuck myself in the ass, as I explain that his wife wouldnt take it in the ass, and when I found that out, I used it to get whatever I wanted, including the diamond bracelet I am wearing. Describing how he was putty in my hands after anal and how I got the bracelet gets me excited but the intruding bitch wont let me cum.

Then she ties me up again and leaves me, ass out, wriggling on the floor with no idea what she will do with the video and what blackmail is to come.

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