Conceited Clip Bundle

Conceited Clip Bundle
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Bundle contains 3 very "conceited" MP4 clips in zip file

*Brat Girl Confessions*

I have a little confession to make as a self proclaimed brat girl that is sure to humiliate you. I think you know by now I can be a little conceited, but that’s only when losers like you fail to follow my instructions. If you weren’t so focused on the instant gratification of your femdom fantasies, I probably wouldn’t seem so entitled to your wallet.

Yeah I may be a little entitled. However, I just know my worth and that I deserve the best. There are lots of things I’d rather do than entertain a jerk off like you. HA! But go ahead and think I’m a bitch for not always giving you what you want. Even the times I do look like I care about your boner, it’s really just to tease and manipulate you into spending more on me.

Now you may be mistaken that because I ask for you ca$h that I’ll do anything for it. Of course not! And that’s what makes me such a bratty mind fuck. Not to mention it’s just too much fun teasing and torturing you while making you think about something other than your fantasies.

*Hooked on Conceited*

It’s just so easy for you to get hooked on the Conceited, isn’t it? You love how bitchy I can be, yet at the same time so sensual and alluring. I obviously have a right to be conceited.

You love all the emotions I stir within you. I make you feel alive, and you have become so addicted to this feeling. You love my wild and dominant confidence that I know I can get whatever I want out of you.

And I will get what I want from you because you are so hooked on Conceited that you’ll obey my commands for your next fix. There is no 12 step program for this addiction, and you’ll pay handsomely for every high.

*I'm Fucking Awesome*

I wouldn’t be “Conceited” if I didn’t take an entire clip just to tell you how fucking awesome I am. You love how my confidence and borderline bratty arrogance makes you want to be around my awesome existence. I don’t blame you because I AM FUCKING AWESOME, DUH! However, you need to know that I only allow those in my life who add to my awesomene$$. It makes you feel so insignificant knowing that I’m going to keep on being awesome doing my thing while you continue to admire and pay me.

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