Attending a nearby university, adorable 19 year-old Asuna recently moved into the neighborhood to be closer to campus. She started frequenting a favorite cafe of mine, so she was often studying there by herself when I went for my afternoon half-caf douchebag latte. Eventually I got the balls to go up and talk to her. It couldn’t hurt to ask if she’d be interested in a little “interview” for the Covert Japan project.

She was interested in my project and happily agreed to an interview. Yay!

Fortunately for me, this girl-next-door turned out to be a majorly horny minx. These cute little Asian girls are always full of surprises.

Asuna’s natural body just screams reproductive fitness. Her healthy teen womb and perky round breasts are perfectly suited for re-populating Japan with many a cute half-Asian offspring. My hands and tongue excitedly explored her curvy young body and expertly-shaved puss.

She blew eagerly—challenging herself at times to take my hard member deep into her petite throat. Asuna’s a giver, and she enjoyed the challenge. Next let’s go inside, shall we?

Yeah, she’s tight alright, and she’s “heard that before.” Asuna moaned loudly as we fucked the day away. She was so loud in fact that I think the whole neighborhood heard us copulating. We got a screamer in the house! You may need to turn down the volume as you watch this vid. :-)

In the end Asuna and her overwhelmingly fertile teen body proved purely ball-draining. I pumped 2 Caucasian cum loads into her little Asian hole, officially bestowing her degree in international relations.

Peace and Blessings,

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Duration: 60:41 minutes

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