Intimate Worship of MrNuttz' Cock POV Part 1 of 2

Intimate Worship of MrNuttz' Cock POV Part 1 of 2
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I made my way to my second South Florida adult industry meetup hosted by MrNuttz, a favorite producer of mine and mogul in amateur porn. My first time with him was a quick and dirty rooftop BJ that my exhibitionist side totally loved. This time he knows i'm worth having me to himself privately as I ask him if I can show him how thankful I am that I was requested to return. I strip myself down and urge him to relax and let me take care of him. His cock makes me have to pace myself with all that girth! I start slow with the first half of his cock getting lubed by my mouth, and work my way down and down until i'm deepthroating him. I love being right between his legs to swallow his cock, and lick on his balls as he gets closer to cumming. That last bit puts him over the edge as he's ready to bust and I swallow it all down, wide-eyed and happy to finally get a taste of his big warm load. Shot in 4K HD, POV angle

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