Findom Beginner Clip Bundle

Findom Beginner Clip Bundle
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Bundle contains 3 HD MP4 Findom clips for beginners in zip file

*An Expensive Connection*

Do you happen to spend your time jerking your life away to your uncontrollable Femdom fantasies that seem to never be satisfied? That’s because deep down you’re so desperate to have a connection with a dominant woman like me.

You know, there’s only so much time in the day a lady can devote to desperate men, so I intend for you to pay handsomely for every moment I give you. It’s for your own good, however, because I know how easy it is for you to become so weak and love addicted to a Femdom like me.

Let’s face it, even though you long for a real connection, you’re actually afraid of it. Gaining the connection you desire means actually having to submit and admit your own weakness of excessively jerking to dominant women while paying the high price for my undivided attention.

*Your Money is My Fetish*

You know what turns me on the most? I love it when you please me financially because your MONEY is my fetish. You want to know why? It is the only way you can truly please me. You think that licking my pussy is giving me pleasure? HA! You don’t even deserve that privilege and you know that. Giving me your ca$h is a much more orgasmic experience for me.

In fact, I’d rather look at the money you send me than look at you anyway. I just think of all the things I can do with your money and it gets me so hot! I love it when you just keep silently sending me your ca$h. If you’re good I may even let you watch me spend it. That is the most intimate a beta bitch like you is going to ever get with me because you are impotent otherwise.

*Findom Encouragement for the Serious Prospect*

***This clip is designed for those who are seeking to be a slave***

Do you long to submit financially to a Goddess, yet get scared once it is time to follow through? I know it can be scary letting go of control. In this clip I tease and relax you into feeling comfortable about releasing your control to me.

Watch me tease you as I ease your mind about financial servitude with my sensual voice. I know I have high standards - and that is to challenge you to do better and be a better slave. I’d like you to relax into servitude and loosen your grip of control, as I motivate you to do better for me and for yourself.

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