Rina Tries Sex With White Guy

Rina Tries Sex With White Guy
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Rina is a 22 year-old graduate student at a local university. Since Covert Japan is an avid supporter of higher education, I was overjoyed when she got in touch and expressed academic curiosity in interracial sex. I was more than happy to assist with her scholarly pursuits.

Although it was her very first porn experience, she did a fantastic job. She admitted that the cameras and interracial sex made her especially horny--so horny in fact that her tight little Japanese pussy juiced with fertile white pussy cream. Nothing coaxes my veiny white dick to a premature spermy explosion like tight young well-educated Japanese pussy, so I had to take it slow or risk producing a 30-second scene complete with impregnated J-girl! Even thoughts of baseball and grandma weren't helping this time. Indeed--sometimes pussy can be truly evil!

And if her lovely vagina weren't enough, her full Asian ass with perfect heart-shaped box and doughy snow-white skin were paradise. I'm very much looking forward to reading her graduate thesis paper :-)

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