Humiliation Clip Bundle

Humiliation Clip Bundle
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Bundle contains 5 humiliation themed HD MP4 clips in zip file

*You Don't Deserve to See My Face, Jerk Off*

A loser jerk off like you hardly deserves to get anything from me, let alone be allowed to gaze upon my beautiful face and eyes. You probably just came here to jerk off, and you’re lucky to even be allowed to listen to me tease and humiliate you.

You know deep down you don’t deserve to look into my gorgeous eyes as long as you’re a jerk off puppet. A loser like you can’t even handle staring into the eyes of a gorgeous mind fucking Goddess anyway, and I know you feel so submissive at the thought of staring into them. You’re delusional if you think I’d simply allow a jerk off like you into my world so easily. So let this be a reminder that losers like you don’t even deserve to look at my face and my highly mesmerizing eyes.

*Spilling Tea on Your Non Existent Sex Life*

I know just how you love to be degraded and humiliated for how pathetic you are. In fact, you can’t even get it up unless a bitchy woman is verbally humiliating you. I know you probably spend a lot of your time jerking off to bratty Femdoms on the internet.

I bet regular sex doesn’t even do it for you anymore, does it? You just need to admit to yourself that your sex life is paying bitchy women to degrade you on over the internet. I want you to own your humiliation bitch status. I get to have fun and make money humiliating bitches like you with nonexistent sex lives!

*Why Nobody Wants to Fuck You*

Does it seem that no matter how hard you try, no woman wants to fuck you? Well in this humiliating clip, I break it down for you why nobody is interested in you sexually.

I can tell you right now that it is obvious you are focused on the wrong thing. You need to learn that any self respecting woman is not going to give a fuck about your dick alone. I’m willing to bet you’re also a self professed “nice guy” with ulterior motives.

You need to realize that women don’t care about your dick in and of itself. In fact, I’ll show you how little your dick matters by making you pay to even speak with me…. Let alone get any sort of sexual gratification.

*Everything You Say is Dumb, So Gag Yourself and Pay Me*

You really must to learn when to speak and when to be silent. My guess is that you talk too much and say stupid things when you really need to be paying me. You need to realize that silence is golden and that you do not open your mouth until after you’ve paid and pleased your Goddess first.

I want you to gag yourself and suffer in silence while paying me. Your words mean nothing until you’ve paid me. I know you really love the humiliation and verbal abuse while silently submitting to your Goddess, so gag yourself and pay me.

*You Think You're Smart, I Think You're Stupid*

You may think you’re so smart, however I really don’t care how smart you are because to me, you’re nothing but an idiot. I’m not going to dumb myself down in order to appease your ego, which I know is quite the mind fuck for you.

Most likely I am much smarter than you, and it is so humiliating for you to admit that. If anything your cock runs the show, which keeps you from your full intelligence. You know when you’re around a beautiful and dominant woman like me, you become completely stupid and begin to mindlessly stroke your cock.

The only way to remedy this predicament you’ve found yourself in is to admit you’re stupid for me and pay me for your inflated sense of self -importance. The more you pay, the better chance you actually have of redeeming yourself of your stupidity.

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