Tribute your Goddess.

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Want to Spoil Me? Here are ideas and suggested amounts:
⋆ Contribute to my Travel Fund: send any amount between $10 and $300
⋆ Pay for a Pedicure: $50
⋆ Pay for a Massage: $100
⋆ Pay for a Day at the Spa: $250
⋆ Pay for a Night at the Restaurant: $150

Want to make yourself useful? Adopt a bill!:
⋆ Phone: 30$/month
⋆ Internet: $85$/month
⋆ Utility bill: $70/month
⋆ Food: 200$/month
⋆ Rent: $800/month
⋆ Other expenses: 100$ to 500$/month
⋆ P.O. Box fees: $200/year

Money speaks louder than words! What do you want to tell me?
⋆ I am a broke loser and I would love to have some of your attention — Send $10
⋆ I like you! — Send $25
⋆ I love you! — Send $50
⋆ I worship you! — Send $100
⋆ Rape my wallet, Goddess!! — Send $250

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