Kotone the Perfect Japanese Princess

Kotone the Perfect Japanese Princess
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Japanese girls are well-known for being cute, but super-sweet 20 year-old Kotone perfectly demonstrates how Japanese girls can be overwhelmingly cute and sexy all at the same time. On the appointed day of our meeting, she even adorably got lost on the way to our meeting point. Several text messages later we figured it best for me to meet her half-way. As I rushed to this new meeting spot, my heart jumped as I saw this princess emerge from the unembellished crowd. It was very overcast that day, but it was as if the sun had chosen to highlight only her prepossessing existence with a discriminating beam.

Along the way we learnt that she’s never played with a foreigner before despite her exceptional English skills. Her cuteness, sexiness, and kindheartedness all combined in a potent way that caused my cock to throb with massive sexual excitement. Early on in our lovemaking session, my dick so wanted to shoot its payload everywhere like a field sprinkler.

Slipping in and out of her slippery tight young pussy flesh had me reeling, but eventually I grounded myself and pumped her to match the rhythm of her erotic breathing. OMG…I’m in love… Even her smile made me cum intensely.

Let’s summarize by saying that I’m happy to have met Kotone, as I now know what it’s like to fuck a Japanese princess. I will certainly ring her again someday!

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