Here is how this works:

- You will send me DAILY CHECK-INS
with proof of date, a picture of you wearing the device, and a report about the last 24h that I will send you after payment.

- You will inform Me times of the day when you can receive RANDOM VIDEO CALLS
to proof you are wearing the device. If you can not receive calls, let me know.
I will not show in the video call, and this is not an online domination session.

- You will receive instructions regarding hygiene and daily care, if necessary.
You may receive inspections to check if everything is being well taken care of.

- You may be required to download an app in your phone, like telegram, to send your check-ins and receive the random video calls


- Reliefs 3x a week.
- The slave decides when and how to come.
- Adaptation phase to the device
- Reliefs can be taken away at any time for up to 48h
- Fee for non-authorized relief: 50

- Reliefs 2x a week
- The slave has to ask for permission before relief and/or have specific days in the week for relief
- At any time, I can cancel relief rights for as long as I want, up to a week
- I might send pictures or videos to tease the slave
- Fee for non-authorized relief: 100

- Relief 1x a week
- The slave has to cum to an specific type of stimuli that I will choose.
- Pics and videos for teasing
- Fee for non-authorized relief: 150

About the levels:
- the slave will start on Level 1, and move to the next levels as I judge him/she/it ready or not.
- A slave can go back to a previous level if necessary
- In case of travels, or other specific circumstances the device can't be used full-time, it will be discussed.

According to the duration of Chastity Contract

One week: 50
Two weeks: 75
A Month: 100
Two Months: 190
Three Months: 280

- The Fees for non-authorized reliefs can be paid via the 'Tribute Now' page. If a slave can't afford the whole fee at once, it can be paid in parts.

- You can choose to Tribute in the frequency you prefer. This tool does not renovate automatically, so, you will have to come back to this page to renew package.



- In case the slave wishes to give up Key-holding Training, Tributes will not be given back.

- If personal events comes up such as loss of a close one, sickness, or others, the Chastity can be paused. Proof of the event might be required.


Once you choose your package I will receive an email notification, and I'll reply to you as soon as possible to start your training.

For any doubts, mail me at
Or check my website:

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