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Ignore Clip Bundle
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Bundle contains 3 HD MP4 Ignore clips in zip file

*Watch Me Paint My Nails as I Ignore You*

I know you’re always desperate for a glimpse of a gorgeous Goddess going about her life, and in this clip I allow you to watch me as I paint my nails. You know I’m not obligated to give you recognition, so I ignore you, occasionally looking up to give you a bitchy glare. I treat you like the voyeur perv you are and relish in ignoring you, showing off my work with my middle finger.

*Yoga Brat Ignore*

I know you love to perv a beautiful woman stretching in yoga pants. Well in this clip you get to watch my stretch while being completely ignored by me. Occasionally I look in your direction only to flip you off! I know you can't resist a bitchy woman doing yoga... and I feel so zen completely ignoring you!

*15 Minute Ignore Because You're Boring*

Just face it. You can’t stimulate me mentally, physically, or even emotionally. Honestly, I find your chronic jerk off obsessions to be quite boring. You know the only way you can somewhat excite me is by paying me.

Since you are so pathetically boring, I’m just going to sit and read a book ignoring you while you continue to pay me. Occasionally, I look up to smirk at you or flip you off just to show you I know you’re still watching me… desperate for me to give you any attention at all.

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