Teasing and Edging POV Blowjob by Two Thirsty Sluts

Teasing and Edging POV Blowjob by Two Thirsty Sluts
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Laying in bed, you open your eyes to a woman dropping down to worship your cock. She has dyed hair, tattoos, and a smile of pleasure that wont quit. With long slow licks and kisses, she teases your cock, pushing you to your edge. At times she sucks your head, savoring your precum. She stays slow and smooth enough to never let you build up to cumming. Six minutes in, she let's up, and lifts off you. You glance over to see another girl lowering herself between her legs, and smiling like she's gotten to what she wants. Her thick lips wrap around your cock, and her tongue plays with every inch of you, teasing you just like before. It's a bit harder for this one to keep from bobbing up and down excitedly- sucking cock is clearly a passion of hers. Still, she keeps you just hard enough to have a thick throbbing cock to taste. Your gaze relaxes onto her afro puffs, bobbing up and down like her face. Twelve minutes in now, she calls the first girl back over, and the two lap up at your cock for a few minutes more before finishing up. At the end, they smile at having enjoyed you like a lollipop they didn't care to finish. There is lots of eye contact throughout.

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