Favored by hundreds if not thousands of previous customers, this highly coveted, convenient and personalized show is exclusive to you when we are together. It is personal, exciting and memorable in ways limited only by your imagination. Please contact me prior to ordering a show so we can briefly discuss the details and expectations of your desired experience. All shows must follow the TOS of this website and respect my personal limits.

Both Skype and Discord are apps available on both the iPhone and Android platforms. Both platforms are also free, trusted software downloadable for Apple or Microsoft. Either way, you can have me at your fingertips anytime and anywhere without going through a direct cam site.

When are you online?
Lately it has been between 7am EST - 9am EST regularly but I also love to hop online whenever I have the chance in the afternoon or evening after everyone has gone to bed. Sometimes this is 15 minutes, sometimes four hours it just depends.

What camera and microphone do you use?
Excellent question. I have a Logitech 4K Ultra HD Logitech Brio Model with an external Blue Yeti Microphone. I also have a Blue Snowball Microphone for ASMR type of shows but both are excellent at picking up every little drop of cum out of my pussy.

Do you have high speed internet?
Yes I do. As of July 2019 I have 200/200 download and upload speed through a fiber optic cable. No satellite internet or hotel wifi for me anymore!

What are your limits?
Absolutely no vomiting, no defecation, no role play involving ANYONE under the age of 18, no illegal activities or drug use, no deep throat, no blackmail, no violent or psychopathic fantasies, etc. Things I DO enjoy are SPH (small penis humiliation), penis ratings, female domination, sensuality cuckolding, light bondage, step mom and naughty neighbor role-play, the usual water sports (squirting or pee). I will participate in period play and gagging occasionally you just have to ask and I have to obviously be in the mood for it.

What are your measurements?

Do you do XYZ?
Potentially. If it is not explicitly against the terms of service then I might partake in some wild and kinky new things. I've done quite a bit in the past three years so nothing will scare me. ASK and I will kindly let you know. I am not here to judge you or kink shame you (unless you want me to and plenty of people do) and I would hope that you would share the same respect and understanding with me.

On that note, let's get to know each other better and spend some quality time together! As you can see below, the more time you purchase, the more money you can save on a per minute basis. All time can only be used once and at the time of purchase. I do not do rain checks or break up time into multiple shows on different days. Rarely there have been technical issues and when that has been the case I refunded the show but 99% of the time I will NOT refund any amount of time. My best advice is get your phone, computer or tablet ready and set up before going. If you need help with any of this I will be more than happy to help you!

SKYPE ID is live:victoriaveritas

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