Blackmailed By My Neighbor

Blackmailed By My Neighbor
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How did you get in here? Tom gave you the key to check on me, well I’m sure he intended you to knock first. No I’m not wearing this corset because I am going to cheat on him, I’m trying it on because we need to spice up our sex life. Since you are here, what do you think about it? It feels so weird to be here in a leather corset talking to you, my young neighbor. I bet the college girls you date don’t show up in outfits like this. You want to see more? Well, okay, as long as you promise not to tell Tom anything about this. My bra and panties need to come off? I have to admit, this is exciting, but so wrong!No, you can’t tell him! What? You’ve been recording this whole thing on your phone and are going to send him the video? Please, don’t! I’ll do anything you want me to. Yes, I’ll sit down and spread my legs. Masturbate for you- but you are so much younger! Of course, yes I will do anything you want as long as you don’t tell my husband…

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