“Good Boy” these are 2 of the most MAGICAL words you have ever heard in your life, which give you goosebumps all over your body. You could NEVER understand what is so special about these words.

The answer is very simple.

You want it. You need it. You love it. Two of the most magical words that come out of MY mouth.
I AM the reason you cannot stop listening.

Waiting, needing, wanting ME to justify, acknowledge, accept your aberration, your affection, your love, and your devotion…
Listen to this Audio file and feel ME turning your brain into mush, turning you into MY pet.

I am using Subliminal Messages, Covert Mesmerism, Indirect Suggestion, Whispering, Anchoring, and several more techniques to completely Mind Fuck you with my majestic voice.

Duration: 8:18 min

P.S.: I love my addicts obedient and grateful.
Good boys always TRIBUTE.

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Size: 12Mb
Format: audio/mp3
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