Being a VIP Friend is an immersive experience, you get access to all the nude pics and little videos I take everyday doing all sorts of naughty stuff on my own plus chit chat privileges.

If you really want to know the real Vivi behind the camera, I make your messages my priority and you won't need to feel like you are bothering me or that you NEED to buy a show or content every single time you send me a message. After all, we are friends.

Here is a list of things only my VIP friends get access to:

- Chat privileges: I always reply your messages and send direct messages to you often;
- Exclusive downloadable videos every month: I spoil my VIP friends;
- 20+ explicit pics/videos daily (sometimes more than 100 haha);
- Watch me masturbate when I'm horny (3x+/week);
- Making off of my porn;
- Public flash/play;
- Everything on my daily life, including naughty thoughts and cute stuff;
- Your dick pics not only welcome but encouraged;
– ** Watersports enthusiasts**: If you want to receive my daily pee, let me know.

Being the little nympho that I'm, I masturbate every day before sleep and you get to see it all!

My favorite platform is snapchat, but if you don't use it, I can add you to my Secret Skype, kik or whatsapp!

See you in the VIP side!

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