Therapist or Devil?

Therapist or Devil?
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Welcome in, have a seat. Go ahead, get comfortable. Just relax and when you feel comfortable sharing your confession feel free to do so. Great, what is it? Oh, your penis is average size, well there is nothing wrong with that, average is fine for lots of people. You would do anything to make it bigger, oh you don’t mean that. You do? I don’t know, that sounds like sonething that people just say and don’t mean. Anything, really?

Well, okay, I can help you but it is very expensive. What is the price? You know, I am sure you are not serious. Oh, you are. Well, the price for me to make your penis much larger than average is, your soul. (pause) See, I knew…

Oh, you are willing to give up your soul forever to have a bigger penis now. You must be absolutely sure, because there is no going back. If you mean it, kneel down in front of me. Good, hmm, maybe you are serious. Okay, focus on my hands. Watch me unbutton my blouse- no talking, just watch. Good, now take your penis out of your pants and barely touch it. Now keep your eyes on my hands, watch me, squeezing my big magical tits. Watch, keep watching…now look down

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